The Sin of Comparison Lesson A & B PDF

This is the PDF for two lessons we have created for this bible study. The Sin of Comparison. This is a short bible study and the pdf is only 13 pages long. The questions are at back of each lesson.

The Sin Comparison - Video by Robert Morris for our Womens Life Group Bible Study

The Sin of Comparison - Robert Morris - This video is the main video we will be using for our DISCOVER WOMENS LIFE GROUP - Seed Sewing Sistas - We have two lessons - Lesson A and Lesson B- The Pdf for the lessons will be listed below in PDF format so you can download and copy as needed. The questions will be at the end of each Lesson. The additional videos I found by 3 other pastors are also available for your viewing and have several great teaching points, from different teachers and I feel are worthy of viewing. Blessins bfc

Overcoming the Curse of Comparing- Pastor Graig Groeschel

Overcoming the Curse of Comparing - Pastor Graig Groeschel-Life Church

Stop Comparing Your Calling

Stop Comparing Your Calling - Pastor Graig Groeschel-Life Church

The Comparison Trap-Pastor Steve Furtick

Stop Comparing Yourself - Pastor Steve Furtick