Seed Sewing/Sowing Creation PDF's

Within the PDF below,  you will find various  creations I have made over the years that you can print and cut out to "sow seeds of encouragement" to others.

It is so easy to start sharing your faith and love for others, I have been doing this for over 6 years now and in all these years, I think maybe 3 people did NOT want a blessing.

You will be "multiplying seeds" into the kingdom of God. We need to be faithful seed sowers and then let the Holy Spirit of God do His work in each womans heart in His own time.

You never know what heavy load or burden a woman may be carrying when the Lord lays it upon your heart to smile and pull out an encouraging card/verse/creation and just simply say:

"BLESSINS"  - Thats it!  You are offically a Seed Sower with all of us. Lets multiply our seeds and sit back and trust God to do His work.

Join us for bible studies on ZOOM every Thursday at 10:30 AM  - AND I am praying about starting one for all you working gals, Thursday evenings at 7 pm. If you are interested, email me at:


Seed Sewing-Sowing Cards for website PDF - 48 Pages

This PDF has hundreds of small encouragement cards prepared and ready to cut out. Print the page you want and then make as many copies as you need. Help us Sow/Sew Seeds into others! bfc

Pastor Robert Morris:

Valley Creek Church - Pastor John Stickl

I have been ministered to for several years by this church. It is one main church which has multiply site churches. They usually have one theme/subject matter that is applicable to our daily walk with Jesus and it lasts 4-7 weeks. He has notes that you can print out each and every week with all the reference bible verses. I have been blessed many times through this ministry.  

David Quzik - Awesom Commentary Verse by Verse Teacher

 You can go to his website (enduring word) and find almost every book of the bible with a detailed commentary book and audio. When you see one of our bible study pdf's. You will get more out of the study if you study the guide and outline from David Guzik along with listening and watching his teachings. blessins  bfc 

Joyce Meyer Website Link

Kelly Minter - Women Ministry

Her website: Cool bible studies and books. check her site out


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