I haven't posted on this page in a long time....

Just a note to update those that happen to stop on this page of my website.

A lot has been happening since the Vintage Room and all the creations that were made, sold and given away. We no longer have the Vintage Room for selling our creations, God did not open the doors for that, as I had hoped. He has other plans.

I am continuing in the ministry and have been given more responsibilties with women at church, my bible studies, creations and encouragement outreach.

Please feel free to copy, paste, use anything you find on this site, as it was given to me by the giftings God has provided me with, so thankful. Praise Jesus!

We have zoom bible studies on Thursdays at this date. Check out the first page of our website for most recent information.



Seed Sewing Sista's - Thank You for Joining our Outreach for Jesus

Below this picture is the Seed Sewing PDF's to cut and paste to hand out. You will also find the PDF that has all the small encouragement/bible verses you can cut out and place inside the Seed Sewing Pockets. If you have any questions, email me at the bottom of this page. Thanks for sharing the Word - Gods Love, Hope, Peace and GRACE.

blessins  bfc

Seed Sewing Handout Materials pdf

This PDF has all the Seed Sewing Pocket Materials you will need to make the Pockets to hand out as blessins. PS- On slide above we have created the materials so there is no cut and pasting involved.

Seed Sewing-Sowing Cards for website PDF

This PDF has several small pocket size scripture verses you can choose from - cut out and place inside the Seed Sewing/Sowing Pockets.
blessins bfc