Joy Mingled Chapter Seven Study Guide pdf

Chapter Seven
Joy Mingled

Contagious Joy #7 Digging Deeper Verse Study pdf

If you are one that really likes to DIG into the word of God and have extra time, these are all the verses that are BEFORE and AFTER each question verse in our Bible Study Chapter Seven.

Joy Mingled - Chapter Seven

Joy and sorrow will always be linked. And in the strange paradox of the universe, at the exact moment you and I are experiencing pain, we are also aware of the sweetness of loving and the beauty still to be found. One of our toughest challenges in life is to learn how to live on both of those tracks at the same time.

Joy Mingled - Chapter Seven

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  • Life is much more like a set of parallel train tracks, with joy and sorrow running inseparably throughout our days. Every day of your life good things happen. Beauty, pleasure, fulfillment, and perhaps even excitement occur. That’s the track of joy, but every day of your life also holds disappointment, challenges, struggles and perhaps even losses for you or those you love.

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