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Complete Study on God's Grace  - Pastor Morris

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Lesson #7 Study Verses PDF

Lesson #7 - Where on earth does God Live - All the verses that were covered in Robert Morris teachings.

Lesson #7 Where on Earth is God Video notes -PDF

Lesson #7 - Video Notes You will notice the page starts at the LAST lesson and then goes to each previous lesson. Thanks for learning with us! Word-Life or Death WILL BE OUR NEXT SERIES bfc

Lesson #7 Video Review Questions -PDF

Video Review Questions

Lesson #6 Gift of Grace-Verses & Video Notes PDF

Lesson #6
PDF Video Notes

Lesson #6 Video Review Questions pdf

Lesson #6
PDF Video Review Questions

Lesson #5 Verses-Notes from video pdf

Lesson #5
The Law of Grace
PDF Video Notes from Morris Teaching Video at gatewaypeople.org

Lesson # 5 Video Review Questions pdf

Lesson #5 -The Law of Grace
PDF Video Review Question's

Lesson #4 "Orphans, Slaves & Sons" Video Notes pdf

#3 "The Marriage of Grace" Video Notes pdf

#2 "Immutability of Grace" Video Notes-pdf

Lesson #1- The Righteousness of Grace - Video Notes pdf