We are going to "Re-Share" our James Bible Study we created in 2011 - 5 years ago. I love technology! It is so cool being able to re learn and learn some more from some of Gods Word! I have the study guide in print, but it has not been downloaded in pdf format. I will try to make another page that will be specifically for some of the notes in the bible study - PDF format for your bible study use. Feel free to share the teachings and shake some salt!

I beleive there are 8 videos to this set. For more teaching videos all you need to do is go to Google and type in - Barbara Chapmond on Youtube and all the videos will come up, I find this to be the quickest way to find the differnt studis. Maybe I will take the time soon and catalog all the teachings Salt Shakin Sisters has on Youtube and post them for you. GO TO THE LINK THAT HAS ALL THE REST OF VIDEOS AND YOU WILL FIND PDF OF SOME OF THE LESSONS.

Blessins- Thankful to Server and Share! bfc